Willy Wonka Weed Strain

Take a journey back to 1964 and join Willy Wonka weed, a memorable character from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, on an adventure. Of course, that is not possible, but the strain is something that may be attempted. You can buy Willy Wonka Cannabis Strain with our cannabis affiliate programs canada.

The original breeder of Willy Wonka is unknown. Although there exists an offspring of Sweet Tooth and Willie Nelson, it is not the same as the strain described in this piece. Instead, Mr. Natural, a firm based in Spain, gets the credit for this version. Chocolate Trip and Cinderella 99 were used to create Willy Wonka.

Cinderella 99 (or Cindy) is a Sativa-dominant strain. It has strong mental effects without the drowsiness, but it also produces a powerful physical high. Cinderella 99 (or Cindy), on the other hand, is recognized for its spacey euphoric cerebral effects.

Cinderella 99 and Chocolate Trip genes were combined to produce a Sativa-dominant creeper with Chocolate Trip and Cinderella 99 genetics that has powerful hallucinogenic effects. It also inherited Chocolate Trip’s Indica qualities, in which users may slip into a state of calm while exploring their thoughts.

Willy Wonka is not your typical marijuana strain, to say the least. It took first place in the Denver chapter of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. Its popularity among consumers has risen as a result of this. However, because it is produced in such small quantities,

Willy Wonka Effects

Despite the fact that Willy Wonka may be a freak in that it might take minutes for the effects to manifest themselves, its euphoric side effects are undeniable. Keep in mind that you can’t underestimate it. This hybrid contains up to 24 percent THC, which means if taken in large doses, it could produce strong emotions.

Cannabis users feel an uplifting euphoria when it enters their brains and bodies. Users are more likely to have mental clarity, with the potential for visual and color changes. They become more sensitive to sounds and noises in the environment, which seem louder than normal.

In moderation, it has been proven to aid in productivity and that a more concentrated mentality may benefit you. Not to mention the invigorating buzz that keeps them active and engaged. It’s also quite common for individuals to chat a lot.

Users will experience numbness and tingling in their fingertips, arms, legs, stomach, chest/shoulders region, and jaw. These feelings dissipate over time as a feeling of calmness takes control of the body. It’s also why the near-psychedelic effect doesn’t improve.


Willy Wonka is not only a joy to use. It takes recreational users on the journey, and it has an enticing sweet and earthy scent with a touch of vanilla as a preamble to the magical experience. It’s not obtrusive. Users would describe the scent as invigorating rather than overpowering.


The flavor of the strain is maintained by the scent. The smoke has a woody flavor and a long-lasting minty aftertaste as it goes down the throat. In some respects, it makes the smoke feel chilly and silky on the throat.

Adverse Reaction

When you smoke Willy Wonka, you can immediately tell that it has been infused with the effects of Willy Wonka. You are likely to experience a dry mouth and red eyes after smoking Willy Wonka. This isn’t unusual, especially if you’re smoking any type of cannabis strain.

Some users, on the other hand, report a mild headache. Dizziness is also common in certain individuals. In most situations, these problems are easy to handle.

However, only use Willy Wonka as needed to minimize the possibility of negative or debilitating symptoms. If used incorrectly, they might be quite severe and vexing. Don’t worry; they won’t harm your health long-term.

Willy Wonka Medical

Willy Wonka is a sativa-dominant cross between Sweet Tooth and Willie Nelson. Despite being a sativa strain, it grows fairly compact plants. Willy Wonka has an average flowering duration of 56 to 60 days and a medium yield in good situations. The strain is said to be simple to grow both indoors and outdoors, according The Daily Chronic blog

Willy Wonka has no method of assisting with epileptic, tremor, or other diseases that respond to CBD. Its psychoactive properties provide comfort for certain ailments.

The Willy Wonka chocolate factory may also be beneficial to medical cannabis users. Its quick-wittedness might assist people with attention deficit issues in focusing better. Its ability to raise one’s spirits can aid in the treatment of stress, sadness, and anxiety-induced discomfort. Willy Wonka CBD oil has a subtle odor and flavor, making it ideal for minor ailments like migraines or nausea. It may not be as effective in reducing chronic nerve-related pain because to its physical effects being less powerful. Because its initial buds are lively rather than cerebral, this strain can help people who suffer from anxiety.

Psilocybe semilanceata is a potent psychedelic mushroom that also helps to alleviate depression and other illnesses or issues.

Willy Wonka’s usage in the medical cannabis community extends beyond his name. Fatigue is just one of many possible Willy Wonka applications for the medical cannabis industry. Like coffee, the strain may help people feel more energized. Most people should be able to run around without difficulty, even after being dominated by the Indica side.

Willy Wonka Growing

There is a scarcity of information on cultivating Willy Wonka. We do know it can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. Getting its seeds, on the other hand, may be challenging. Mr. Natural appears to only distribute its seeds in Spain, which limits your options somewhat. It’s conceivable that getting it from another country would be difficult.

To produce purple streaks on its leaves and flowers,

Mr. Natural sells Willy Wonka seeds via the internet, however the company only ships purchases to Spain; people outside of Spain who wish to grow the strain must first collect samples from healthy plants of the variety. Willy Wonka can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, and a semi-dry climate with daytime temperatures ranging from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is required for it to thrive. Those wanting to exhibit their plants’ eye-catching purple streaks should expose them to nighttime temperatures at least ten to fifteen degrees below average for a few moments. When grown indoors, Willy Wonka flowers in 8 weeks and is ready for harvest in early October when cultivated outdoors. It’s also considered a high yielder.

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