The 5 points is passionate about Canadian cannabis. Here you will find a comprehensive list of concentrates, vapes, edibles, beverages and other Canada’s best buds. The products of 5 points cannabis can have intoxicating effects. They may become an addiction for some people.

 It is meant only for adults. Keep them away from the reach of children and direct sunlight. Remember, cannabis can impair coordination or concentration. So, don’t operate machinery or vehicle when you are under the influence.

The five-point Vancouver is famous for its impressive menu and services. You can visit the designation 24*7 for high-quality services at the lowest prices.

Order online from the five-point Vancouver

In this technological era, shopping or ordering your product online is not a big deal. Only 3 simple steps are to be followed to get the job done.

  • Visit the site and look at the features of different products.
  • Add the product to your cart
  • Make the payments by the available payment options.

After making the payment through bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard etc., you will receive the product in 24 hours. You can track your order through Google Maps. For some specific orders, shipping is free of cost. Needless to say, this will save your valuable time and transportation cost.

In case of any queries, they have a friendly and experienced team to guide you. In addition, online dispensaries offer several discounts to impress their customers. So, you can buy high-quality products at the lowest prices.

Menu of the five-point Vancouver –

1. Limelight Edison dried flower – Limelight 1g dried flower

Limelight is a Sativa dominant strain with a moss green highlight. The terpenes of the limelight include – humulene, terpinolene and caryophyllene.

2. Vertical strawberry cake flower

It is smoother with a cheese taste. The hit is heavy and perfect for serious smokers.

3. Bhang THC dark chocolate

The chocolate bar is powered by Indica, and it contains cacao beans. These bars combine 10mg of THC, 73.8% cocoa and are great for sharing.  

4. Alpine extracts- shatter

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate produced by using a mixture of solvents and weed plants. Its appearance is typically translucent. However, the colouring of alpine extracts can range from bright honeylike amber to a yellow shade.

Effects of the 5 points products –

CBD products are becoming popular as consumers are searching for an alternative way to treat different diseases. Have a look at the effects of their different products.

FDA approved epideolix in 2018 for treating seizures. More researches are required to conclude that whether CBD is great for reducing epileptic seizures?CBD products are also used for reliving pain for so long. Various studies prove that CBD use is also good for pain from peripheral neuropathy. New researches are going on to test CBD individually for chronic pain.

In addition to pain, the five-point Vancouver products also reduce anxiety. Some consumers claim that it is their major reason for using CBD products. However, sufficient evidence is still unavailable to prove this fact.

Some studies also prove that CBD products are great for treating depression due to their anti-depressant properties. However, proper human testing is essential before making any conclusion.

Risks and side effects of the five-point Vancouver products –

As discussed above, only one CBD product is approved by the FDA. Moreover, limited evidence is available on how it affects your body. The following risks and side-effects of CBD products are found out during the approval process for epidiolex. Such as – liver injury, risk of drowsiness, interacting with other medications, decreasing appetite, changing alertness etc.

A majority of consumers likes CBD products of 5 points. However, several questions about them are still unanswered. For example – what happens with the sustained use of CBD? Does CBD affect the developing brain? Does CBD affect male fertility? and a lot more.

Merits of ordering your product from the five-point Vancouver –

Unlike physical stores, 5 points offer a variety of perks, products and payment options. Such as – you can order the product at your convenience. Visit the site, type the name of your product in the search box, and the list will be displayed on the screen. So, a consumer can select his product from various options. After selection, make the payments and receive the products on the same day. Needless to say, this will save you valuable time and transportation expenses.


The products of 5 points are of high-quality and inexpensive. If you are 18+, then order them today for enjoying a thrilling smoking experience. But before making any buying decision, don’t forget to discuss about the product with your doctor. Use the product as suggested by him. Furthermore, don’t change the dosage without his approval. Or else you have to face their side effects.