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In 2022, locating the most reliable online Toronto cannabis store that delivers in Canada will be difficult. With an abundance of mail-order stores and dispensaries popping up daily, it can seem impossible to know which ones you should trust. The aim of this article is to assist you in narrowing down your choices so that you may find the perfect Canadian MOM for your needs. We only included businesses on our list after verifying their reputation and good standing with customers.

For informed decisions when purchasing marijuana in Toronto (or any other region), it is essential to understand the differences between shops. Some specialize exclusively in AAAA flowers from renowned international growers, while others stock cheaper grades of cannabis and concentrates (shatter, hash & CBD live resin). In addition, discounts of up to 45% or even 70%, depending on supply availability, are often available at certain dispensaries.

If you’re searching for reputable CBD dispensaries in Canada that offer premium-grade CBD Oil, then look no further! Our website has a comprehensive directory of user reviews and cannabis stores across the nation. You won’t have to search any longer with our curated list of Toronto’s best pot shops.

What is an online Toronto cannabis store in Canada?

Established in Toronto back in 2001, Life Flower has been providing British Columbia with cannabis delivery through their internet Toronto cannabis store ever since. With Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis consumption in 2018, this business’ services are now being used by both medical and leisure users alike!

GasDank Toronto cannabis store

GasDank is revolutionizing the cannabis shopping experience in Toronto, appealing to newbies and connoisseurs alike. Not only do they guarantee the best prices around, their customer service promises an unbeatable experience. Moreover, special pricing and discounts are available every month – a great way to save as you stock up on your favorite products!

Searching for cannabis online in Canada can be overwhelming with the sheer variety of dispensaries. However, take comfort knowing that GasDank dispensary provides an exceptional user experience–far superior to other digital retailers! Our website is simple to navigate and offers a smooth buying journey from start to finish.

Finding the perfect weed doesn’t have to be a troublesome task. Here at GasDank, our website is designed with customers like you in mind and provides easy access to exactly the product that you’re searching for! In addition, we offer top notch filters and search methods so can quickly find your favorite strain without wasting any time. Visit Toronto’s leading cannabis store today – come into GasDank now!

To guarantee the highest quality of their products, GasDank subject each one to extensive and rigorous quality assurance checks at their production facility. These include tests for pesticides, mold, THC and CBD content levels. With offices in three Canadian provinces, they are able to deliver exceptional concentrates goods, dependable edibles brands and premium cannabis products nationwide.

Thankfully, I reside in a city where reputable dispensaries abound. GasDank sources all of its products from the most respected producers here in Canada. Most importantly, these establishments carry only top-grade shatter and budder that is abundant with THC!

The strains on their website are well-explained, with information about the cannabis’ origins and characteristics.

West Coast Cannabis

Established in Canada, the renowned West Coast Cannabis is a widely acclaimed mail-order marijuana company. Located in Vancouver and British Columbia of Canada, this online wedding service offers an expansive selection of medical diagnoses with prices that aim to please. The team at West Coast believes that its superior product collection combined with dedicated customer care are two invaluable assets for their business model.

Are you looking for the highest quality cannabis strains? Look no further than West Coast Cannabis! Their secure online delivery service offers free shipping on orders over $150 and a well-designed website that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for from their expansive selection. Whether your preference is Indica or Sativa, they’ve got all of the cross hybrids you could ever want as well!

Are you looking for a secure, discreet and fast delivery of your cannabis purchase? West Coast Cannabis has got you covered! Their marijuana is verified and approved by their experts to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Moreover, it has been extensively tested and certified by the team which allows customers to be confident in the quality they receive. Don’t forget to explore current discounts or special offers on their website while purchasing cannabis online from Toronto’s premier store – West Coast Cannabis!

Haute Health

Toronto’s premier cannabis store, Haut Health, is a trailblazer in providing quality yet inexpensive medical marijuana to those facing chronic pain and terminal illnesses. Our staff are the crème de la crème of experts when it comes to navigating the Canadian cannabis market. With our help and expertise, you can confidently access the best available medical marijuana products for your needs without worry or stress!

Enter The Green House, a Vancouver-based cannabis store that supplies premium BC marijuana products at affordable costs. Their website is especially designed to be secure and speedy, with the latest advances in technology guaranteeing a safe shopping experience.

If you’re seeking cannabis in grams or need a wholesale client, this is the ideal spot for you. Not only do they provide amazing extracts and desserts cooked using CBD Oil, cookies, and Vape Pens; but their wide selection of concentrates can also be found online – perfect for those with THC sensitivity who cannot smoke.

Haute Health is the perfect place to get CBD oil and THC/CBD vape pens at a discounted rate. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for something more luxurious, we have it all! Our flower grade values range from $3 grams (lowest quality) up to $8 grams (highest quality). If you want high-grade flowers without breaking the bank, our AAAA product would be ideal for your needs. Shop with us online today and see what marijuana savings are waiting for you!

In Canada, some entrepreneurs are hidden gems compared to bigger online retailers. They pride themselves on their reliable customer service staff and secure website features such as an SSL certificate and 256 bit encryption. It’s no wonder why we trust them for their excellent services!

Toronto Cannabis Store is the epitome of marijuana vendors, not just for Canada but throughout the world. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and always placing their clients first, Toronto Cannabis Store has earned glowing reviews from its satisfied customers worldwide. This commitment to excellence makes them one of the most sought-after cannabis stores around.

Herb Approach Weed

With over three decades of experience, Herb Approach is a leading Canadian weed retailer based in Toronto, Ontario. Pioneers of the Cannabis Health Professionals industry, they were one of the first businesses to enter this market.

Herb Approach is known across the world for its exceptional cannabis cultivators, which has had a positive effect on long-standing businesses in the region. These businesses have become some of the most respected MOM dispensaries today. All items can be traced back to British Columbia’s premier cannabis producers and are guaranteed to provide quality results every time. You’ll find lots of recurring purchase discounts when you buy large amounts such as an ounce or more! Take advantage of these deals now for your next order and save big!

Make sure to check their homepage daily for fresh discounts and special offers! With the correct coupon code, you can purchase CBD products – such as flower concentrates or edibles – with up to half-off. When purchasing an item, enter your code at checkout for extra savings.

To summarize, Herb Approach is one of Canada’s original online dispensaries and has attained an esteemed standing for dependability and cost-effectiveness. Customers have highly praised this Toronto cannabis store as well. They are connoisseurs in the mail order marijuana industry, offering not only BC’s best cannabis but also some of Canada’s most premier strains from BC’s homegrown cultivators.

Speed Greens

Speed Greens stands apart from the competition as one of Toronto’s most reliable online cannabis shops, thanks to its best-price guarantee and top-notch customer service. Not only do they prioritize convenience and enjoyment while shopping, but customers also feel secure knowing that their purchase is backed by Speed Greens’ offering of peace of mind. Furthermore, the friendly support staff at this store make it a true standout among all other cannabis stores!

Not only do they offer amazing coupon codes and promos, but right now you can get an even greater discount with their authentic coupons!

Speed Greens is the leading choice for online dispensaries in Canada due to their user-friendly website. With intuitive page structures that make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for and top-notch search filters, Speed Greens’ customers can quickly identify precisely what they need without any hassle! No more aimless searching through cluttered products; now discovering your desired item has been made effortless with Speed Greens. When it comes to products, KushCo offers total transparency. Thanks to their quality assurance procedures such as pesticide and mold testing alongside THC and CBD analysis, you can quickly find the product you need with ease. SpeedGreens has also established solid relationships with first-class growers so customers always get excellent cannabis prices, top of the line concentrated extracts and Canada’s most reliable edible brands—all sourced from the finest sources in Canada!

‘Goldrush Cannabis Seeds’ is a moniker that speaks of the 1970s in British Columbia. Perfect for novice growers, this strain has rapid development, thick buds and plentiful yields make it an appealing choice. With a higher quality shatter and budder option available along with various blooms and distillates to choose from – anyone’s dream can be made reality! Customers are provided with insightful facts concerning each product’s history, benefits & drawbacks which boosts their overall user experience while on the website.

A beginner’s guide to marijuana products

With the vast array of cannabis products available, it can be difficult to decide what to buy on your first visit to a Toronto Cannabis store. To make the selection process easier, here is an overview of different ways for you to consume marijuana – from classic favorites and newcomers alike – so that you can have all the information before making an informed decision.

Dispensaries can organize their products in a multitude of ways, depending on the specific items they possess and how they are used. In order to provide guidance on this process, here is an exhaustive list of dispensary categories as well as relevant substances and corresponding usage tips.


Thanks to Proposition 64, shaking cannabis flower is becoming more and more popular. Grown from a plant’s tender buds, flowers are usually purchased at dispensaries in 1-10 gram amounts, then smoked using pipes, bongs or joints. Alternatively it can be used to make cannabutter or oil for ingestion as well. With the rise of popularity that comes with Prop 64, those who enjoy smoking shake will find many options available to them.

Shaking bud, or when leaves break off during the harvest and packaging process, is often sold as “flower” but for a lesser cost than buying buds. Don’t be fooled by its size! Despite being small pieces of cannabis can still get you just as high. If you’re looking to buy quality flower in Toronto, head down to your local weed store and find what’s right for you!


No need to spend time rolling, when you can just pick up a pre-rolled blunt! These are already rolled and ready for your smoking device – ranging from half grams (250 milligrams) all the way up to 6 grams. Some stores even offer sizes larger than that! To get the best cannabis pre-rolls in Toronto, simply visit your favorite local cannabis store.


Extracts have grown in fame, and customers now have the ability to tailor their orders based on individual tastes. The extraction process is what gives these substances their name; Hash, Shatter, Wax, Tinctures and Capsules are all popular varieties of cannabis extracts. With weed delivery near you service, customers can be sure they’re getting top quality product every time.


Edibles have emerged as the most popular cannabis product in recent years. People are increasingly opting for these instead of smoking or vaporizing, and it’s easy to see why. Infused butter and oil is an integral part of the edibles sector since cannabis extracts can be used in a wide range of products. The results achieved far exceed anything that traditional methods offer! Without a doubt, chocolate and other sweets are the favorite choices among cannabis edibles. But that’s far from all; you can get anything from nutritious granola bars to marijuana-infused drinks! Those trying out edibles for the first time will surely find dosing quite tricky. To avoid overconsumption, it is advised to wait at least two hours before consuming more, since this type of high takes some time before its effects become noticeable. Get your premium quality cannabis goodies only from trusted Toronto dispensaries!


No matter what Toronto cannabis store you go to, rest assured that they provide a variety of topical treatments. Lotions and creams with both THC and CBD are natural remedies for joint discomfort or muscular pain. Moreover, these topicals containing THC offer localized relief without creating any sort of “high” feeling – perfect for those searching for non-intoxicating medicine! With the rising popularity of CBD products, it’s not hard to imagine that even more topical treatments will become available in the near future.

The cannabis industry is thriving, and the selection of products available has never been greater. Now you can easily find any kind of product imaginable to suit your marijuana needs, from extracts to topicals – it’s all out there!


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