Black Domina Weed

Black Domina is an extremely powerful indica that completely controls the senses. It creates a sleepy and restful couchlock for its user, making it ideal for evening usage. Users consume Black Domina to cure a variety of issues including insomnia, chronic pain, and tension.

Medicinal marijuana is now permitted in over two-thirds of the United States. The search for the best pain relievers, sleep aids, and mood enhancers is on. Sensi Seeds has created a cannabis strain that can dominate your senses and body with Black Domina. Let’s have a look at what this strong indica has to offer.

What Is the Black Domina Strain?

Although many breeders prefer to be cautious and experiment with two or three strains, Sensi Seeds is not your typical breeder. The world-famous organization developed Black Domina from four distinct cannabis strains:

  • Ortega
  • Hash Plant
  • Northern Lights
  • Afghani SA

Because of its wide background, this strain’s THC concentration ranges from 12% to 24%, with traces of CBD. 0.11 is the trace amount of CBD in it.

As a result, the Black Domina seeds you acquire are from a strain that is 100% Afghan in origin and comes from the legendary Hindu Kush mountains. This plant will eventually develop into a little or medium-sized plant with extended leaves. Its size allows you to cultivate a large number of plants within an enclosed area. As a consequence, Black Domina is quite popular among commercial breeders for this reason.

Black Domina Effects

Users have tested 20 different strains of cannabis from Canada and the United States. The effect is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an earthy flavor and firm body that’s great for endurance. It has one of the highest THC levels among all Canadian strains, at 23%. African violets are a tender perennial that looks fantastic in hanging baskets or pots.

The indica effects of this strain are significant, therefore be careful with its relaxing qualities! It is 99% indica, so keep an eye on your eyelids for drooping.

It is said to relieve tension, but when the body is totally relaxed, it may induce couchlock. As a result, Black Domina is only intended for use at night or late in the evening.


This scent is derived from the smell of fresh ground coffee berries, which has a nutty and earthy aroma that incorporates subtle notes of citrus.


Black Domina is not designed for users who enjoy a sweet taste. Instead, it has a smoky and spicy taste akin to hashish.


Black Domina is a popular strain among marijuana enthusiasts. Its dark purple buds are thick and dense. The strain appears almost black at first sight. The plant also has a lush covering of bright crimson pistils and crystal-clear trichomes, giving it a brilliant color contrast with the deep purple buds.

Black Domina Grow Info

Sensi Seeds created this strain with a hydroponic system in mind.

The Black Domina strain adapts well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, and it responds extremely favorably. This growing technique forces cannabis plants to flower early. The SOG technique involves changing the light schedule to 12/12 (12 hours of light, 12 hours of continuous darkness each day). It also permits you to grow more plants in a smaller area.

Although the yield on each plant will be lower, the total yield will improve. One of the benefits of SOG is that it does not require any particular growing knowledge; you don’t have to trim or train, for example.

Grow your feminized Black Domina seeds under ordinary 18-24 hours of light per day after germination. Continue to do so until the plants are at least 10 inches tall. Give the plants some breathing room (no more than two per square foot) and induce blooming by using the 12/12 light cycle. Because Black Domina has a short stature and a single primary cola, it’s great for SOG gardening.

The flowering period of a Black Domina plant should not exceed seven or eight weeks if you produce it inside using hydroponics. Indoor yields with this variety range from 14-16 ounces per square meter. Because it is highly resistant to mold and pests, this strain is particularly good for novices. Black Domina has a huge cola with dark-colored buds and rarely grows taller than 4.5 feet indoors.

For outdoor cultivation, you may try to cultivate Black Domina in a Mediterranean environment, but this is not advised. You can earn up to 14 ounces per plant if you take on the challenge and are successful. Harvesting should be done as early as October 1 for the best yields.

THC is the most important cannabinoid in cannabis, and since it’s present in higher quantities than CBD or CBN, Black Dominas are known for having high THC levels. A 24 percent THC concentration was reportedly recorded in a Black Domina sample.

This strain has only trace amounts of CBD. The greatest CBD concentration recorded was 0.11 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Black Domina Strain

Black Domina is a wonderful remedy for insomniacs, since it has sedative and soothing effects. Some use this strain to relieve tension, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Others claim that Black Domina helps them feel better when they are in pain.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Domina Strain

Black Domina has been reported to cause dry mouth in some users. Some people have reported having dry eyes as well. Given its strength, we do not recommend using this strain if you are a beginner. Dizziness, fatigue, and anxiety are other possible negative effects.

Final Thoughts on the Black Domina Strain

The Black Domina strain is a wonderful choice for people who have trouble sleeping at night. Its sedating qualities are thought to help with restless leg syndrome.

The Black Domina strain is a great choice for insomniacs who struggle to fall asleep at night.

However, it should be noted that Black Domina’s high can last up to 90 minutes. As a result, individuals trying to fall asleep need to give themselves enough time for the sedative effects to take full effect.

Finally, Black Domina’s THC concentration might range from 24 to 36 percent, making it unsuitable for novices.

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