Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Indica and Sativa are the two most frequent types of cannabis. Each category has its own set of features as well as desirable positive effects to the mixture. Engineers have been able to crossbreed Indica and Sativa to develop a new type of cannabis known as a hybrid. If you’d like to buy Best Hybrid Strains, use our toronto weed delivery.

A hybrid marijuana strain is created when Indica and Sativa genes are mixed. Hybrids, which are on the rise due to their delicious flavors, appealing scents, and numerous medical benefits, are becoming more popular.

Not all hybrid marijuana strains are equal. Depending on the strain’s lineage, they have different amounts of terpenes and effects when smoked. For this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hybrid marijuana strains. You may also check out our other pieces on the greatest energy-boosting strains and the most popular cannabis strains to learn more about various types of cannabis.

Top 10 Best Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are divided into three categories: the strongest hybrid strain, the finest Sativa dominant hybrid strains, and the finest Indica dominant hybrids. We’ll go through each one in detail, including examples of hybrid strains for all cases.

Strongest hybrid strains

Bubblegum Hybrid

The Bubblegum Hybrid, which originated in Indiana during the 1970s, has an almost 80/20 indica-sativa balance. The bubblegum indica dominant hybrid strain was developed by crossing Indiana Bubblegum with an unknown indica cannabis plant. This strain was then cloned and hybridized at Amsterdam. After several years of development, a good bubblegum strain with a distinct sweet odor and euphoric high was produced. It is named for the fragrance, which smells like pink bubble gum.

When people think of Bubblegum Hybrid, the first thing that springs to mind is sweetness. It has a sweet flavor on both the intake and exhale owing to bubble gum qualities. This strain has won numerous accolades and has been nominated for inclusion in the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup’ many times. The plant is mostly green, but it has a lot of brilliant orange hairs. The buds will appear light and fluffy with numerous crystal formations. Patients who suffer from stress, anxiety, or tension respond favorably to this variety. Bubblegum also helps to improve moods.

Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana is the first on our list of top 10 hybrid strains due to its high strength. This isn’t the strain we would suggest to beginners. Chiquita Banana is a High Times award-winner, having won in 2015 and 2016 as the world’s strongest marijuana variety. THC content has risen to a record 34 percent, which is far greater than any other cannabis plants. As a result, it is now one of the world’s most potent hybrids.

Chiquita Banana is a 50 percent Indica/50 percent Sativa hybrid strain born from a cross between OG Kush and Banana. This hybrid marijuana has been reported to provide an euphoric high that hits you fast and hard. It smells and tastes like banana, with a sweet, lemony exhale.

White Widow

The most popular and effective hybrid marijuana strain on our list is the White Widow, which is another extremely powerful hybrid weed. The Indica component of this strain has a relaxing undertone, providing a cognitive high with a soothing effect. It combines the best features of both types, allowing smokers to relax while maintaining awareness.

The best way to describe The White Widow is as a hybrid sweet curry, and it has one of the most unique tastes and fragrances available. It generates a sweet, sugary smoke with an citrusy and peppery fragrance that fades away with a lemony aftertaste. When smoked, this strain’s actions should be taken into account. The smoke may expand rapidly, resulting in choking.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a 50/50 Sativa and Indica hybrid with Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubble, and Chem’s Sister as its parents. It has genes from both types of cannabis, making it powerful. This strain took first place at the Los Angeles 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, an accomplishment that qualifies it to be one of the best hybrid strains.

Gorilla Glue is a cannabis-based resin that contains about 25% THC. It’s been shown to boost dopamine levels. If you want to be soothed and lulled, try it at night. One puff is enough to send you floating into a pleasant dreamland.

Wedding Pie

Wedding Pie is a great hybrid strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It’s the result of a cross between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie, both of which have fruity flavors. We included it here because of its extremely sweet flavor. The buds offer hints of nutty dough as well as grape and berry tastes. For more marijuana strains like wedding pie, check out the best fruity strains.

The head high caused by Wedding Pie begins with a mild tingle that quickly takes over your thoughts before relaxing into a calm, soothing full-body buzz. It’s a great flower to use in the evening since it’ll leave you unfocused, drowsy, and glued to the sofa.

Best Sativa dominant hybrid strains

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the greatest Sativa-dominant hybrid strains available today. It was given its name in honor of one of marijuana’s most famous activists, earning it as well-known as its namesake. The genes of Haze, Northern Light #5, and Shiva Skunk were combined.

Sensi Seeds’ Jack Herer was bred to be used as a medicine. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has been used to treat the symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, nausea, headaches, anxiety disorder, and other ailments over the years. It’s also credited with boosting energy and creativity.

Blue Dream

In terms of THC content, Northern Lights is the most potent Sativa dominant hybrid strain. This variety is recognized for boosting energy, motivation, and attention to keep tasks at a high level of focus. It also has a bright cerebral high that aids with mood disorders such as sadness and anxiety.

Sour Dawg

Last but not least, Sour Dawg is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has a potency of up to 25%, an aroma that is described as sweet and sour, and a flavor profile with notes of fruitiness. The name comes from the parents: Sour Diesel and Tress Dawg. It can produce THC levels up to 25 percent, but there’s much more to Sour Dawg than just THC.

If you enjoy the scent of gasoline, you’ll love every puff of Sour Dawg. It has a diesel-like fragrance with undertones of earth and pine.

Best Indica dominant hybrids

OG Kush

OG Kush is without a doubt one of the greatest Indica dominant hybrid strains. This is a very heavily Indica-dominant hybrid with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 75:25. It’s the product of Chinwag and Hindu Kush. OG Kush does not hit you in the face, but it will give you a full-body buzz that makes you feel calm and comfortable on the sofa.

With its powerful effects, OG Kush is one of the greatest strains for nighttime usage. You may use its soothing and numbing properties to end your discomfort and fall asleep.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a indica-dominant hybrid (80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa) created through a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. Cherry Pie’s most prominent characteristics are its intense euphoria, relaxing, uplifting, and focusing effects, which have been used to treat symptoms of various diseases. It is frequently employed to treat individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and stress-related illnesses.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana closes out our list of the finest Indica-dominant hybrid plants and marijuana strains. It has a THC level of around 22 to 26 percent, making it 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The Strawberry Banana high begins with a mild head buzz that gradually but steadily builds in intensity to a highly euphoric and uplifting mental head high. This makes the hybrid strain ideal for nighttime use because it allows your thoughts to settle into a calm and tranquil state.

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