Aurora Weed Strain

The name Aurora cannabis strain conjures images of a stunning sight. It must be thrilling to see the brilliant light display in the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. As a result, some people may believe that the Aurora Indica has psychedelic or hallucinogenic properties.

It is, in fact, one of the most potent indicas available on the market today. It produces effects that are more physically oriented than other strains because it is 90 percent Indica. Its primary application is for individuals looking to wind down and sleep after smoking it.

The strain’s heritage dates back to the Himalayan and Afghani strains, both of which are well-known and popular worldwide. Also, both strains were utilized by breeders to create a lot more hybrids.

A reputable breeder such as Nirvana Seeds does not cross two or more strains in order to see what happens. In a sense, if madness exists, there is a method to it. We’re talking about breeders who deliberately cultivate new hybrids with a niche market in mind. They must focus on certain characteristics in order for this to happen. As a result, many hybrids blend the finest qualities of their parents together.

The Aurora Indica, as the name implies, is a heavy indica hybrid. Both of its parents are well-known for providing strong sedative effects. But unlike them, this new variety does not have the same strength. However, keep in mind that it is still powerful enough to overwhelm inexperienced consumers. This strain is presently regarded as highly effective.

Aurora Indica Effects

Smoking Aurora Indica will have an immediate impact, owing to her full-blooded indica genetics. She’s a couch locker, so use her in the evening to avoid feeling drowsy all day. Her influences will make your eyelids heavy, as well as your arms and legs.

The scent of Doja is earthy, spicy, and pungent. She has undertones of pepper and herbal spices in her tastes. Aurora Indica is a wonderful choice for relaxing at home with friends or taking it easy. Medical patients may benefit from this hybrid because she can help with inflammation alleviation, aches and pains, and insomnia symptoms.

The northern lights are a spectacular sight to behold. Viewers frequently find themselves lost in thought as the lights perform their fascinating dance against the night sky. A soothing and relaxing sensation washes over those who watch as it swings and adjusts its hues.

The performance of the Aurora Indica is such. A rush of soothing feeling relieves tension at the outset. It continues to offer a sense of calm and elevation. Users begin to feel happy, even as others become euphoric, on its onset.

The effects of this drug are very similar to those of bongs. Its users feel themselves slipping into a deep sense of calm as the magical powers dance all over their body and mind. Most individuals become stoned without warning. It’s not unusual for people to realize what occurred after waking up while lost in their thoughts and dreamy condition.

Aurora Indica, named for the Northern Lights, has a beautiful name that reflects its supernatural abilities.


The resilient vitality and development structure of her parents, Afghani and Northern Lights, were passed down to Aurora Indica when she was crossed. This F1 hybrid will be able to withstand cold and wet weather, but keep an eye on mould late in the flowering stage owing to the density of the biomass from her buds. In comparison with SCROG, this strain grows bushy, uniform plants that require little upkeep, therefore it is ideal for Sea of Green gardens.


The flavor of this variety is not only attractive, but also pleasant with a delicate scent of sweet mango and lavender. Its fragrance, in fact, establishes the tone for all of the fantastic things that will occur once you start utilizing it.


The taste of the Aurora Indica strain is also fantastic. It has a distinct chemical flavor, sweet and spicey, which serves as a foundation for the distinctive tastes of pine wood.

Aurora Indica Adverse reactions

One of the characteristics that distinguishes the Aurora Indica strain from others is its lack of negative side effects. Of course, as with all cannabis, it has a characteristic dry mouth and eyes. These are symptoms that can be found in any marijuana.

In addition, after using it, some people may become overly concerned. It usually happens when individuals consume too much cannabis. Apart from that, there’s not a lot to be concerned about.

Aurora Indica Medical Benefits

There are numerous advantages of using Cannabis Sativa for medical purposes. It should also assist medical cannabis users in various ways. The Aurora Indica does not disappoint in this area. Among its most popular applications for patients include treating muscular spasms and pain relief.

Hashish also helps to relax individuals, which allows it to assist people in eliminating stress. As a result, the strain becomes beneficial for other mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Finally, most users report falling asleep before the effects wear off. Without a doubt, this may be beneficial to individuals who struggle to obtain good sleep. Insomniacs should check out the Aurora Indica, in particular.

Aurora Indica Growing Info

The average height of an Aurora Indica plant is 3 to 3-1/2 feet. It gets bushier with lateral side branches, so expect bigger and heavier buds.

It’s a beautiful plant that looks as if it needs as much light as possible. It may also thrive in soil and hydroponic systems if cultivated indoors. Growers should employ the Screen of Green training technique early, which is even better.

Aurora Indica is a vintage heavy indica hybrid featuring Afghan and Northern Lights genetics. Almost pure indica, with 90% indica and 10% sativa influences. This strain has a strong body stone impact. Even experienced smokers may be bound to the couch thanks to these frosty chunky buds’ icy, chunky flavor. Her robust earthy hash-like flavor might be a little harsh for some people, but it is an acquired taste nonetheless.

Plants are small in stature and have a lot of branches, as you would anticipate. For both the SOG and ScrOG methods, Aurora Indica is ideal on the inside. Expect 500g/m2 or more. This strain’s short height of less than 1m and flowering duration of roughly 8 weeks make it ideal for novice growers and indica experts. In a hot dry climate with few bugs, outdoor harvests can be impressive. It’s simple to grow and has excellent sticky nugs for post-harvest cannabis concentrates.

Aurora Indica Flowering Time

In about 9 to 11 weeks, this marijuana plant will begin to bloom. Every square meter can produce 10 to 14 ounces of buds when ready.

The plant begins to bloom by the end of September or the first week of October, as long as it is kept in a warm and sunny location. It does not give off an unpleasant odor and, because it grows quickly, may not be seen from the road. This is useful information if privacy is a concern. At any rate, after it matures, each plant can produce 14 ounces of marijuana.

Aurora Indica is a short-flowering indica hybrid with a modest stature and top-notch power. A strong hitter and one we suggest for night time use or smokers with a high tolerance only.

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