Viper Cannabis Strain

Viper is a cross between an indigenous Burmese landrace and Blackseed, originally bred by Reeferman Seeds. Viper was developed to provide cerebral effects with a spicy citrus scent and to relieve chronic tiredness, muscular spasms, and cramps. This strain has been shown to be helpful for daytime usage because it alleviates chronic tiredness, muscular spasms, and cramps. It takes 10 weeks from seed to bloom.

This strain combines the power of a Sativa with the adaptability of an Indica to produce a powerful, cerebral high that keeps you calm and focused. This hybrid has 90 percent Sativa DNA, so it provides a long-lasting energizing high.

Viper is a form of hybrid cannabis bred by a Canadian firm, Reeferman Seeds. The Burmese strain was combined with a Mexican Sativa and gave rise to a new breed that has up to 20 percent THC and just 1 percent CBD, which is why Viper makes you more active and focuses your attention.

The famous Super Silver Haze is said to have been hybridized with Viper, a mix that’s considered an evolved form of the legendary strain. Although Viper has buzzing, intellectual properties and a pungent citrus scent, it is created by Reeferman Seeds. Viper grows tall and produces fluffy buds that finish flowering in around 10 weeks as proof of its almost pure sativa genetics, indicating it could be an adaptation of the mythical strain.

Viper is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a potent sting. This strain is packed with strong landrace DNA on both sides, descended from a Burma variety and a Mexican sativa. These parent strains produce an intense buzzing, cerebral high with distinct citrus undertones. Viper’s THC content has been verified to range from 15% to 20 percent.

Flowers & Aroma

The name of this strain, Viper, is very obvious from the start since the flowers are exceptionally big and robust. These buds have a stretched, rounded form that resembles bullets. They cling in a loose and fluffy arrangement typical of sativas. The olive green leaves are adorned with wavy brown and orange pistils and come to an end with a thick coating of translucent white trichomes, giving this cannabis strain its powerful high.

Viper has a strong, herbal undertone to it as well, which is similar to sage. The buds have a tangy, artificial-scented scent when fully cured. There’s also an herbaceous undertone that reminds me of sage. Strong notes of hash and spice are revealed when the buds are crushed, perhaps due to the strain’s Asian origins. Viper burns smoothly and effortlessly with no bite or chemical aftertaste. On exhale, you can taste citrus and pepper.

Viper Effects

The uplifting, giggling high that lifts you and makes you laugh at things you wouldn’t otherwise expect from Viper marijuana strain is largely made up of Sativa plants. It makes you want to converse and argue ideas, but it also aids in the concentration on a goal.

Viper is a potent and head-focused drug that’s ready to strike in a short time. After exhalation, smokers may experience a rush of blood to the head, as well as an intense pressure in the temples; others have reported an increase in saliva. A fast shift in the user’s mentality follows, with ideas racing more quickly and flitting about freely.Viper is an excellent strain for tackling challenging, work-related tasks as well as more wide-ranging creative endeavors like brainstorming. Viper’s amplifying monologue abilities make it a great tool for starting conversation in social settings. Viper’s energy does not get dampened by any significant physical relaxation. The strain’s vitality endures until the plant finishes blooming. Users who wish to utilize this increase in attentionlessness may go on errands or simply stay at home and clean or organize.

Viper Medical effects

It’s a wonderful method for kids with ADHD to deal with their problems. It’s also useful for migraines because of its energizing qualities. Its invigorating effects aid in the management of tiredness, which is excellent if you have a big day ahead of you.

Alternatively, Viper’s physical high can be burnt off with some light exercise, dancing, or in the right set and setting, sex. Non-intoxicating cannabis strains with a high THC content, such as this highly charged bud’s effects are equally as pleasurable when enjoyed alone as they are in the company of like-minded pals at a party. Viper is not a strain to consume before bed because it has almost no negative effects and is almost certain to make you hyper and restless. Instead, smoke Viper when you need a pick-me-up. It’s ideal for use as a wake-and-bake sweetener, combined with your morning cup of coffee.

The benefits of the uplifting effects of Viper can help medical cannabis users in a variety of ways. Its long-lasting sense of focus might assist individuals with attention deficit disorders to stay focused on one thing. Its mild euphoria may also aid reduce stress and depression by relieving mild to moderate physical pain. Viper is not suggested for persons who are tense or apprehensive, or who have a low tolerance for THC because it has an anxiety trigger.

Viper Side effects

Aside from the typical Sativa effects, such as an inexhaustible thirst and stoners’ bloodshot eyes, this plant has no major disadvantages. It just provides you with nice emotions and allows you to go at your own speed.

Viper Grow info

Unfortunately, no Seeds of this potent strain appear to be for sale online. Instead, prospective growers should get rid of cuttings from a trustworthy source and grow clones. The strain may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, however cultivating outside in a semi-dry climate with Mediterranean-like temperatures is ideal. This sativa plant grows taller than the average growth rate and may need to be trimmed to fit in small indoor gardens due to its superior development rates.

The Viper is a potent strain that has the appearance to match. If you come across it, it’s worth seeking out in dispensaries since it can help you get through the day.