Purple Tic Tac Weed Strain

Purple Tic Tac is a combination of three distinct strains. It was created by DJ Short, and it’s an even blend of cannabis buds that provides you with a euphoric sensation. It has a rapid onset and generates an uplifting sensation that makes people happy. The high relaxes the body as well as the mind, allowing the mind to work harder and more creatively as the body unwinds. Buy our Insano Cake Strain.

Cannabis is used for a variety of purposes by people. For many individuals, it’s the uplifting and total-body relaxation effects, while others enjoy how it makes them feel. But there are hundreds of various strains accessible, and we’ve discovered that people don’t just value cannabis for its recreational or social benefits; in addition to that, it may provide important medical advantages.

The real reason cannabis may be so beneficial to those suffering from chronic illness is because of the body and mental high it generates. Hybrid marijuana strains are a fantastic option since they’re the result of crossing two or more marijuana plants, generally one sativa and one indica. This means that hybrid strains, rather than delivering you with a full-blown sedative sleep crash or an energy burst, give you a more balanced mix of sativa and indicam effects.

Tic Tac Purple is a unique cross between Blueberry and Purple Urkle, two strains with separate tastes. It’s recognized for its energy boost, as well as more noticeable sativa effects. DJ Short developed the strain in the Bay Area several years ago. Somehow, it got into the Dutch market, where it is more readily available today.

What Is the Purple Tic Tac Strain?

Tic Tac, often referred to as Blueberry Thai, is a 50/50 hybrid ( indica/sativa) with beautiful plants that has earned its name for the lush look of its vegetation. It’s an even mix of Afghani and Purple Thai with a wonderful high deserving of its name.

The Purple Tic Tacs are a European-style purple strain with a THC level of around 18% and a properly balanced effect profile, True to Its History. Users describe the high of this strain as quick-hitting, with an uplifting cerebral head high that crashes into you with waves of creative energy and attention on getting work done.

Tic Tac is a fast-acting Purple variety, so you may anticipate the effects to manifest rapidly after taking it. After a few hits, you’ll be uplifted, and as the dose grows more powerful, euphoria is likely. Some strains can induce a clouded mental state, but this isn’t one of them. Instead, the majority of people will have a clearer head. It also encourages creativity.

Users frequently remark on a burst of energy that allows them to get things done. The effects tend to spread through the body over time. Simultaneously, attentional performance improves.

After about 30 minutes, the indica component of the strain will start to dominate the body. The majority of users will be motionless at this time, and a powerful buzz will radiate through their entire bodies. If individuals consume too much, they’re likely to become sedentary.

  • Aroma

The flavor of the Purple Tic Tac strain is similar to ripe berries and freshly turned dirt, thanks to its purple hue. A strong aroma of blueberries, also known as Blueberry Thai, is enhanced with a spicy and earthy scent.

  • Flavor

How it smells is largely responsible for how it smells. With a smoky undertone, you might anticipate a delicious blueberry chai tea flavor with a savory aftertaste.

  • Appearance

The Purple Tic Tac buds have a layer of bright crimson hairs with amber undertones and are dark olive-green in color. The nuggets are dusted with tiny, sandy, milky-white trichomes that give them a sticky, delicious coating of visible resin.

Purple Tic Tac Strain Grow Info

Tic Tacs is a strain that’s easy to grow, according to experts. It has a solid structure and plenty of branching (due to the landrace genetics) and can be cultivated both indoors and outside.

The blooming period for this stone is around eight weeks when cultivated indoors. It’s easy to train and pinch it early to keep it below two feet in length. Once it’s ready for harvesting, you can anticipate a yield of 10 ounces per square meter.

Outside, the Purple Tic Tac plant may grow up to nine feet tall. If you aren’t scared of cannabis, watching this bloom should be entertaining. Each plant produces about 10 ounces of bud and takes between September and October to complete its cycle.

  • THC Content – Highest Test

THC amounts in the Purple Tic Tac can range from 22% to over 30%, so it’s important not to be casual. New users should start with a less powerful strain, since THC levels in the Purple Tic Tac can be as high as 22%.

  • CBD Content – Highest Test

Because there is no data on the Purple Tic Tac CBD content, it’s highly unlikely to be present. In most situations, this strain will only contain traces of the cannabinoid.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Tic Tac Strain

The Purple Tic Tac is a strong strain with a boost in energy that may help people accomplish their tasks. In other words, it might be an excellent strain for those who are fatigued. Because Purple Tic Tac is recognized for increasing vitality levels, if you’re feeling drowsy, it might be able to assist you get up and go about your day.

Purple Tic Tac is popular for treating a variety of human diseases, including anxiety, ADHD, and migraines. It may also aid in the treatment of behavioral disorders owing to its ability to cause euphoria. Some medical cannabis users claim that it helps them manage their depression.

THC-rich cannabis strains can also induce a severe case of the munchies. This implies it may be beneficial to people suffering from anorexia, who have difficulty stimulating their appetites.

Finally, owing to the indica component’s sedative effects, it may be used to treat pain. As a result, it might aid those suffering from arthritis, muscular spasms, and other health problems.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Tic Tac Strain

Purple Tic Tac can cause unpleasant side effects, especially when taken in high amounts. Purple Tic Tac has the same negative effects as other cannabis strains. Dry eyes and a dry mouth are the most common symptoms of Purple Tic Tac consumption. These problems will be more severe at higher dosages.

Some people may also experience a headache throughout the course of the mental and physical high. In rare cases, some consumers can become dizzy or anxious.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Tic Tac Strain

If you love the Purple Thai or Afghani strains, Purple Tic Tac is a must-try. It’s a fantastic mix of the two that combines all of the finest elements and focuses them into something unique. This strain is perfect for getting motivated and focused while working, or just unwinding with a snack and a good movie.

Purple Tic Tac isn’t as useful as other cannabis strains in terms of mood improvement, but it’s great for anyone who wants to feel euphoric bursts.

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