Honey Dew Drops Strain

Honey Dew Drops is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an uplifting sativa energy and relaxing indica effects. It has a flavorful berry flavor and scent, as well as a thick, creamy smoke. Use this cannabis strain to treat depression, pain, and loss of appetite. You can buy Rotten Runtz.

For a variety of reasons, Sativa strains are extremely popular in the cannabis industry. They provide ideal wake-and-bake possibilities, allowing you to be high-powered and energized all day long. Every sativa, on the other hand, is unique.

The Honey Dew Drops strain is a 75 percent sativa-dominant hybrid. It combines some of the uplifting effects of a sativa with the soothing features connected with indicas. As a result, Honey Dew Drops may be your new favorite, go-to strain!

In this article, we look at the best aspects of Honey Dew Drops and explain its side effects. Perhaps you’ll be able to find it on your next trip to the dispensary.

What Is the Honey Dew Drops Strain?

Honey Dew Drops is a cross between X-18 and DTC99, made by Dutchgrown Seeds. The breeders, Dutchgrown Seeds, picked X18 because it is a strong Pakistani landrace indica; they blended it with the sativa-dominant DTC99 to change its effects.

The Honey Dew Drops strain is sativa-dominant, with 75% sativa genetics. As a result, the high is mostly uplifting and encouraging–much as you would expect from a sativa. Furthermore, Honey Dew Drops has high THC levels of up to 18%, resulting in a stimulating high that isn’t overwhelming.

The high of Honey Dew Drops begins in the head. It’s intellectually stimulating and encouraging creativity. Honey Dew Drops might be the one for you if you have any creative chores to do off your list. The mental stimulation also helps to reduce feelings of negativity, making you feel uplifted and cheerful.

Honey Dew Drops is a wonderful, subtle scent that never makes you feel overwhelmed. You won’t be buzzed; instead, you’ll feel calm and chilled out.

The average concentration of indica in Honey Dew Drops is low enough to allow the high to seep into your system. Honey Dew Drops is effective at reducing pain and providing a relaxing effect that travels throughout your body. Also, because Honey Dew Drops induces a powerful case of the munchies, make sure you have some food on hand!


Honey Dew Drops has a pleasant odor that surprises many people. This is a powerful strain with buds that fill the air with fragrance and may be smelled from some distance away. Fortunately, the aroma is sweet rather than pungent, differing somewhat from most marijuana strains.

The characteristic, acrid, hoppy fragrance of almost every strain is appealing. Honey Dew Drops, on the other hand, has considerably sweeter notes including floral and fruity scents. Blueberry is the most prevalent note, although there are noticeable undertones of blackberries.


Honey Dew Drops is not your average e-juice. It has a sweeter flavor than most other juices, and it’s not as harsh on the throat as you would believe. The smoke is thick, yet not in an unpleasant way. Rather, it’s creamy and delicious, just like the scent.

The taste is characterized by blueberry notes, which are carried all the way through to the aftertaste. It’s a pleasure that will have you coming back for more, thanks to its creamy butteriness and mellow Virginia smoke.

The earthy tones in the scent are mirrored in the flavor by lavender. The floral undertones temper those sweet tastes, giving this bud a little something extra.

Honey Dew Drops is a wonderful strain that tickles the taste buds of anyone who tries it.


In contrast to its exciting flavor and aroma, Honey Dew Drops has a dull appearance. The nugs are forest green and nothing special to look at. There may be some trichomes and pistils noticeable, In true sativa fashion, the plants grow relatively tall.

Honey Dew Drops Strain Grow Info

In terms of cultivating, the Honey Dew Drops variety is relatively little-known. It grows to a comparable height as a sativa and should be kept restrained. The Sea of Green (SoG) technique is commonly used by growers who have succeeded with the Honey Dew Drops strain.

Honey Dew Drops also necessitates regular feeding in order to thrive. For the best results, keep it at least six internodes from the tip. It supposedly takes about nine weeks to bloom.

Honey Dew Drops is a strain of cannabis that was originally bred and cultivated illicitly in the United States. Because it was initially released exclusively, finding Honey Dew Drop seeds for sale is difficult. Instead, it’s advised to take a cut from a friend or acquaintance who grows marijuana. Clippings also help to guarantee success by reducing the margin of error.

THC Content – Highest Test

Honey Dew Drops contains between 14 and 18 percent THC, with an average of 16 percent. These amounts are suitable for people who have less experience since they are not excessively strong. At the same time, it’s sufficient to give a decent high that may enhance as you take more. As usual, beginners should exercise caution in order to avoid making the mistake of taking too much.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Honey Dew Drops has never revealed its CBD content. It’s probable that Honey Dew Drops’ CBD level is less than 1% based on its parentage and the usual CBD concentration of a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This isn’t unusual in many hybrids, but it doesn’t imply that Honey Dew Drops has no therapeutic applications.

Medical Benefits of the Honey Dew Drops Strain

With marijuana now legal in Canada, patients are relying on it for a variety of reasons. The Honey Dew Drops strain might be beneficial to MMJ users dealing with a range of issues, both mental and physical.

Honey Dew Drops’ head high is comparable to that of a sativa, making it ideal for individuals dealing with mood problems such as depression, anxiety, or manic depressive illness. While some cerebral strains might lift you too much and create a boisterous high that can be harmful to bipolar sufferers, Honey Dew Drops contains enough soothing effects to keep you grounded.

Negative ideas melt away, leaving you happy and calm.

Honey Dew Drops is a particularly potent strain, which means the THC content of this marijuana variety could be significant for those dealing with chronic pain. THC is frequently used to ease mild aches and pains. Honey Dew Drops’ indica component, which affects the body rather than the mind, is also good for reducing pain.

Honey Dew Drops has a long history of use as an appetite stimulant. It generates a strong feeling of munchies, making it impossible for you to resist eating. Making someone hungry is an effect that is greatly enjoyed by persons who have eating disorders such as anorexia.

Furthermore, it can help those who are undergoing chemotherapy or any other type of treatment that causes nausea and ravenousness. One drag of Honey Dew Drops will have you chowing down once more in no time.

Possible Side Effects of the Honey Dew Drops Strain

Despite the fact that Honey Dew Drops has shown promise in the treatment of mood disorders, it has been linked to anxiety in certain patients. Because it is considered to be a cause of paranoia, those who are sensitive to THC should stay away from this strain.

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